NEW CNC 3020 Router Engraving Drilling/Milling Machine (UC124)

The CNC 3020 is a big deal for you to install,before you try to use it,you should get some knowledge of the notice and warn for CNC 3020.

cnc 3020
1. This machine should be used with the PC parallel port and controlled by Mach 3 or other software. The PC parallel port should work in condition of the EPP mode, the setup of the EPP mode should be applied on the main board BIOS.
2. You’d better use the PC to control the machine, especially for this machine and do not install other software if conditions permit. And please do not use the Laptop to control the machine, the battery of some laptops will impact the pulse signal of the machine and the voltage of some parallel port is very low, it will cause the lost of the signal.
You should setup the software correctly, it will make the desktop-CNC works well. If you do not do it well and try to run the machine, it may damage the machine or cause the danger.
When you install or setup the machine, please do not turn on the control box, it may cause some damages.
Please do not put the connectors on the control box, when it is power on. You should regulate the spindle as the low speed when you want to restart it. The interval of the open/close button time should be at least 30s, when you restart the spindle or turn on the control box again, otherwise it will cause the damages of the control box.
Our machine is 220V, when it is power on, please do not open the control box, do not touch the wiring connectors and not touch the running cutters, please wear the glasses or mask to protect yourself.

More information of the software of CNC 3020 installation,you can download the file on: 3020 usermanual.doc

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